A disabled lady who has no arms came into a restaurant but she never expected what the restaurant owner did next!


One day, a disabled woman came into a restaurant. The woman who had no arms then sat down and ordered some food. When she had finished eating, the woman then called the restaurant owner up to calculate the bill.

Upon seeing the lady, the restaurant owner refused to accept her payment. He even asked her to sign on one of the portraits he hung on the restaurant’s walls.

The reason was he was impressed with the lady as she had no problem to eat with her legs and seemed to embrace her disability

The kind-hearted owner even told the disabled woman that she could eat for free the next time she visits his restaurant! 

While many physically normal people being unsatisfied with how flabby their arms are or for not having long legs like a supermodel, these people with disability choose to accept their fate and make the best out of what they have.

There is so much respect for them who instead of whining and complaining about their lost limbs, they change their lifestyle and adapt to their new environment.

It may be extremely tough to live in a world which is designed by and for normal people

If you happen to see any person with disability next time, why not ask them if they need any assistance. Let us take an example from the compassionate restaurant owner who showed respect to the disabled young woman!

If you are one of the people with disability, a big respect for you to be able to overcome the disability. Not many people could achieve what you have done so far. Kudos!

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