Old man saved his wife from deep flood by tying her to a tree but later, something unexpected happened to him


Recently, there have been many occurrences of catastrophic floods around the world and thousands of lives are deeply affected by them. Not to mention, the high number of casualties. So, when flood hit their city, this old man tried his best to save his wife for the last time from being dragged by the strong current by tying her on a tree.

This incident which took place in Hubei Province’s Jingmen in China saw the moments the old woman being saved by the rescue team. They had to take a long time to convince the woman to let them rescue her.

Apparently, she hesitated to get on the rescue boat after her husband was lost in the flood

Before the rescue team arrived, the old man managed to tie his 70-year-old wife to a tree with her clothes when the flood hit their house.

According to iFeng.com, after the husband tied his wife to the tree, he then stayed close to her while waiting for the rescue to arrive

However, as the flood current became stronger, his old hands could not hold on to his wife any longer and he lost to the flood. When the rescue arrived at the tree, the old man was already nowhere to be seen in the deep flood.

Only his wife managed to survive

As soon as they arrived at the scene, they pulled the old woman from the clothes knot onto their boat.

Later, the woman was brought into a safe area to receive further treatment

Even though the woman survived, she could not moved on from the fact that her husband risked his life to save her. The netizens are also touched by the husband’s brave last act. One netizen commented, “This a true love.” while another netizen said, “This touches my heart.”

The terrible flood has caused at least 164 deaths, 125 missing and thousands of local residents to lost their home.


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