Mother and daughter entered the school toilets and left their mark on every single stall!


Even though society in today’s day and age has come a long way, the postilion of women is still plagued with ridiculous standards and arbitrary roles they are thought to adhere to since a young age. Many of these girls do not have the sufficient support which they need in order to grow and embrace themselves.

The school environment only serves to amplify the insecurities they may have about themselves and it will affect them for the rest of their lives. They do not feel worthy of  themselves and start to suffer from a lack of self-confidence and therefore will be unable to achieve their full potential.

A group of women from Lewis Center, Ohio set out to change this and end the vicious cycle.

The Parent-Teacher Organization at Freedom Trail Elementary School raided the girls bathrooms and posted messages of encouragement and love on all the stalls

They did this in order to promote the message of loving one’s self for who they are, in an effort to get girls to do exactly that.

Below are some of the quotes and decals placed on the bathroom stalls:

The initiator of this project was “Mrs. Scott” who had planned and also organized the best way to carry out her idea. Her brilliant act has became an inspiration to others, as many people are following in her suit and making schools a more positive environment for children to learn and grow.

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