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This stunning girl is only 10 years old but she is already set to be the next South Korea’s supermodel


Most people go through a period of awkwardness during a transition from being a child to an adult but these child models will never experience the same situation when they are blessed with gorgeous looks right from the time they were born! Just like this lovely and stunning child model from Korea, Kim Gyu Ri.

Complete with a photogenic face and talents in front of the camera, this 10-year-old beautiful girl became famous in an instant when her photos went viral in social media

Kim Gyu Ri was born on September 15, 2008 in South Korea

Her big, dolly eyes are said to resemble popular singer and actress, IU

She has been modelling since she was very young.

Some of the brands which feature her as a model are Guess Kids and Stylenoriter

Just like any other South Korean child models, Kim Gyu Ri gains popularity through her incomparable fair skin, luscious locks, and doll-like appearance

In one of fashion shoots with a boy model 

While some people think it is controversial to project beauty standards on children, child models like Kim Gyu Ri may have a bright future in modelling industry if it is done right

Along with her strong fan base and her early exposure to modelling, we are sure that Kim Gyu Ri may be able to become a supermodel in the future

Because of the rising expand of children’s clothing market in South Korea, child models are gaining more attention in the fashion industry

Child models like Kim Gyu Ri is no exception when it comes to these advantages.

She is already one of the top child models for major kids’ clothing brands

While many people fall in love with her appearance, it appears that good look runs in her family as well

She obviously get her beautiful look from her mother who looks equally stunning like her daughter

The mother-duo certainly look lovely in the picture.

It is not a surprise that Kim Gyu Ri was born with such charming look

Her mother is an angel!

We wish her career continues to flourish in the future and may her wish to become a supermodel come true one day.

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