8 Disney princesses and how they would look if they aged naturally


Brazilian artist Isaque Arêas’s aging princesses still look as beautiful and graceful as always, just as Audrey Hepburn famously said:  “And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!” 

It is every woman’s dream to stay young and beautiful. The search for everlasting youth and beauty has begun since time immemorial—from Cleopatra’s milk baths to the anti-aging masks of today.

But, everyone ages as they live. Aging is a fact of life, and what’s most important is to accept change and age gracefully. Brazilian artist Isaque Arêas is well aware of that and decided to recreate these timeless Disney princesses, and portray how they would look like in their actual ages.

“I was watching the Hollywood artists getting older; people from movies getting older and I thought ‘What if Disney Princesses were artists in their own movie? Why aren’t Disney Princesses getting older too?’” wrote Isaque Arêas.

The Brazilian artist feels that we can still be beautiful, kind, strong, gentle and smart, even as we age, as “we can be children inside”.

Hence, the older Disney princesses he illustrated are still as elegant as they are in the Disney movie!

At 72, sleeping beauty Aurora looks radiant and refreshing with her short, naturally wavy hair

Credit: ©Facebook | Life, Art and Times

Cinderella’s beauty shines through, even at age 84


Credit: ©Facebook | Life, Art and Times

92-year-old Granny Snow White still emanates warmth and kindness


Credit: ©Facebook | Life, Art and Times

Mulan is still a strong, courageous belle at 33


Credit: ©Facebook | Life, Art and Times

Pocahontas is even more determined at 38


Credit: ©Facebook | Life, Art and Times

Jasmine’s magical charm remains unchanged at 38

Credit: ©Facebook | Life, Art and Times

41-year-old Belle still looks resplendent in her yellow gown

Credit: ©Facebook | Life, Art and Times

Ariel’s beautiful face lights up gently with maternal love at age 42

Credit: ©Facebook | Life, Art and Times

Credit: NTD


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