“Let us to be your hands and feet” – A touching story of one woman’s love for her grandmother


The importance of caring for one’s parents and grandparents cannot be denied as it is supposed to be the responsibility of the younger generation to care for their frail elders. Nowadays the percentage of old people being put in the care of nursing homes have risen drastically due to economic reasons. Their adult children have no time or resources to care for their aging parents and think it would be safer and more convenient to place them in the care of professionals.

A girl named Jen Ampler from the Philippines uploaded a series of photos on Facebook of her 98-year-old grandmother along with herself.

She wrote a heart wrenching post as well which instantly became viral as it touched the hearts of thousands of netizens

Jen who was nurtured and cared for by her grandmother since she was born has now grown into a beautiful young woman while her grandmother has also aged. The 98-year-old senior citizen can no longer care for herself because she as become too weak and frail to do so.

She decided that now it was her turn to take care of her grandmother just as how she was cared for when Jen was a child.

She stated in her Facebook post saying “Inang, I am so grateful because you never abandoned me and my siblings and mama…”

“Ever since I was born, you are the one who took care of me and raised me, grandma. When I was feeding and giving you a bath, I couldn’t help but cry, because I remember when I was just a child, you were the one doing it to us,” continued Jen.

Even though Jen is now a busy teenager, she has taken on the responsibility of caring for her grandmother

Jen’s grandmother has always been a constant presence in her life and she sacrificed so much for her and her siblings. She reassured her grandmother “Now that you are 98 years old, please let us repay what you’ve done for us. We love you so much and please be strong. We will not abandon you.”

“Allow us to be your hands and feet because that’s not enough for all the sacrifices you’ve done for us. I love you and I am crying so hard grandma,” said Jen passionately.

This heartwarming story should be taken as an excellent example for those who still have parents and grandparents who are in their twilight years. Spend time and care for them just as how they cared for you when you were young.


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