10 hilarious photos of pets before and after bath time that is sure to make you giggle!


Giving your pets a bath is supposed to be a great time where both owners and pets get to spend some quality time together getting squeaky clean!

Some pictures of pets in the tub are hilarious because you can hardly recognize them without their soft and fluffy fur coats. Once they are dowsed with water, these little fur ball’s appearances totally change.

Take a look at these priceless images of pets before and after bath time!

# 1 Don’t worry you still look cute

#2 Looks like this pup tried a shampoo with straightening properties

#3 This birdie must be embarrassed by it’s reflection 

#4 Still as happy and cheerful!

#5 At least this cat’s eyes didn’t change

#6 Still grumpy after it’s bath

#7 This cat looks like it has completely surrendered to it’s bath time 

#8 “I want my fluff back!”

#9 You still look adorable

#10 This cat looks angrier than before


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