Toddler dials 9-1-1 for an ‘emergency’—when officer learns the reason, she was blown away


It’s practical and reasonable for parents to teach their kids to call 9-1-1 for emergency situations. But what might be an emergency situation for a kid may not necessarily be considered a textbook emergency for 9-1-1 responders.

Aaliyah Garett, a 2-year-old from Greenville, South Carolina, did just what her mother instructed her to do: “I’ve always taught her to call [9-1-1] when she needed help.”

And she added, laughing, “but I didn’t know she would take it to that extent”

The little girl placed a call to the police but didn’t really say anything

Following police protocol, they sent deputy Martha Lohnes over to check the situation, and this was the scene she arrived to at the house: “She just comes running around and she’s like, ‘HEY!’ and she has one pant leg on and the other pant leg is off, like holding on to ‘em and waving at me”

Yes, that’s right, the little girl was having a fashion emergency. The deputy gladly stepped to provide assistance.

“So, I helped her put her pants on and she asked me to help her put on her shoes. And then she just got up and like jump in my arms and won’t let me go”

The police officer responded with delight for the little girl. She later shared in the Greenville County Sherriff’s Office Facebook page that it was the best part of her shift that day.

In an interview, she recalled having called the cops when she was a kid just because she liked them so much and wanted to see them show up at her house

The little girl’s adorable call gained her a friend for life and a special bond with Officer Martha Lohnes

Watch the video below and see the whole emergency debacle. Be sure to share for others to have a laugh too!

Credit: NTD


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