Public toilets in petrol stations are often filthy but this award winning public toilet will change your mind


Dirty public toilets is a very common problem in Malaysia and often, users blame the management for not keeping public toilets clean. However, there are also some irresponsible individuals who do not care about toilet etiquette which worsen the problem.

However, a Petron station which is located in Tongkang Pechah, Batu Pahat, Johor state managed to prove that they can keep their toilets clean (and more) for the public and they are nothing like you have ever seen before!

On December 18, 2017, this Petron station which is owned by Ng Ciew Fong was awarded with 1Malaysia Clean Toilet Award under petrol station category for its impressive cleanliness 

According to Ng Ciew Fong whom started this premise since 2013, “Our petrol station referred to the same concept that is used by the premise in the Philippines and took an example from the Petron stations in Selangor. We really care for all of our customers’ comfort even those who do not come to fill in their tanks with petrol or diesel”

While most public toilets in Malaysia leave undesirable impression to their users and do not have basic necessities such as hand soap and toilet paper, this station even installed air conditioner inside its toilets

Ng further added that his premise put a great emphasis on hospitality; how important for the customers to be able to have a good rest and to freshen them up before continuing their journey on the road

“What important is that we want our customers to feel satisfied and happy when they leave our station,” Ng said

With such dedication and principles, it is not a surprise that this Petron station gets awarded for its cleanliness.

The toilets are not only beautiful and clean, they also have everything their users need to freshen them up

There is also a cafe which sells hot baked goods at affordable prices, rest area, car vacuum cleaner and ATM inside the station

 Vacuum cleaner and air pump for the convenience of the customers

Furthermore, the station also often hold events such as giving out free drinks for the customers, free car polish service, discounts and lucky draws, and various corporate social responsibility programs to show their appreciation toward their loyal customers

For more info on their latest updates and events, head on to their Facebook account, Petro Tongkang Pechah. 


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