25 types of rare fruits from around the world! How many have you tried?


There are thousands of species of fruits around the world and that means, there are still many fruits that are left unknown or strange to us. Below are the list of 25 exotic fruits from around the world that you may have never seen before and believe it or not, they are completely edible!

  1. Palmyra fruit, a specialty of Southeast Asia

2. West Virginia Banana tastes like a mixture of banana and mango. It is also called ‘Pawpaw American Custard Apple’ and ‘Indiana Banana’

3. Feijoa or sometimes known as Guavasteen or Pineapple Guava is rich in vitamin C

4. Saskatoon berries, this product of Canada could be eaten raw or turned into fruit juice

5. Green gooseberies are native to Europe, the Caucasus, and northern Africa. It is good to fight inflammation, prevent peptic ulcer and aid in digestion

6. Pequi fruit, a product of Brazil that is really popular among the locals and it tastes like a combination between a citrus fruit and cheese!

7. Salak fruit or also known as snake fruit due to its scaly skin. It tastes fresh and sweet

8. Naranjilla fruit is native in northwestern South America and it is a very delicate plant which requires extensive care from strong winds and direct sunlight. It is very sour and its juice is often used in a drink called lulada

9. Totara is a product of New Zealand and it is sweet to taste

10. Tamarind fruit is a tropical fruit which can be easily found in Southeast Asia

11. Wood apple can be a relief in many diseases like constipation, indigestion, peptic ulcer, and respiratory problems. It can also boost the immune system and fights off bacterial and viral infections

12. Purple-coloured peach

13. This apple is one in a million

14. Red Banana. When ripe, these bananas’ flesh will turn into cream or light pink

15. Pink Pearl Apple. The flesh of the apple is purple in colour!

16. Sweet granadilla or passion fruit is rich in vitamin C

17. Palmyra Fruit

18. Lanzones the size is the same as longans but tastes like grapefruit

19. Marang fruit

20. White strawberries taste similar to pineapples. It is a rare breed of strawberries and can cost up to $10 each

21. Square shaped watermelons are popular in Japan but they are very expensive!

22. Yellow-coloured dragon fruit

23. Chocolate Vine Fruit is a product of Japan and South Korea

24. Hairy Red Pittosporum looks scary

25. Lakoochas looks like a cannibalistic plant but it is actually nice to eat

Have you tried any of these fruits before? These fruits are certainly not the ones we usually see in the supermarkets so it you are able to find them, why not give them a try!


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