A 20-year-old kind lady offered her seat to an old man. When she stooped down and took something from beneath the seat, everyone cried…


A lot of people would choose trains as their main transport to get back to their hometown in China but due to the limited number of seats on the train, most people would have to buy a standing ticket just to get home.

This story that you are about to read is a simple but a very inspirational and touching story that would touch your heart.

During spring time, K529 train bound for Chengdu from Hangzhou would usually be packed with passengers. An old man shared his luck with a passenger sitting beside him saying he bought a standing ticket. Since he was the first to hop onto the train he quickly sat on this seat hoping the owner of the seat would not show. True enough, the train started to move and the owner of the seat never showed up.

Meanwhile, there were a few passengers who stood at the aisle of the train. One of them was a weak-looking lady who looked like she was in her 20s.

She couldn’t even stand properly and she was pushed around by passengers who walked around the aisle

Looking at the scene, the old man asked the lady with concern, “Miss, it is a suffering to stand on a moving train, you should have entered the train earlier like me and get a seat. When will the train arrive at your destination?”

“I’m alright grandpa. It would take a day and a half to reach my destination.”

“What? A day and a half? Will you be able to stand this long journey?” The old man shook his head, worrying about the lady.

After a while, the old man turned towards the lady and said kindly, “Miss, I will be arriving at my destination shortly. Why don’t you take my seat?”

The lady replied sweetly and gratefully, “Okay , Thank you.”

Not long after that, the train conductor came to check ticket.

As the conductor arrived at the young lady, he looked at the lady’s ticket and felt strange, “Miss, isn’t this your seat? Why are you standing?”

The young lady smiled and winked at the old man, “He’s a 70-year-old man with walking disability. It would be hard for him to stand and the journey is going to be arduous for him.”

The train conductor asked again, “You did not tell him this was your seat? He didn’t know about it?!”

“I did not have the heart to tell him. If he knew that was my seat, he would stand up and return it to me.” The young lady winked again at the old man.

The train conductor turned around and looked at the sleeping old man and then returned the ticket to the young lady and spoke softly, “Please follow me to the restaurant. I will find you an empty seat there.”

The people behind the conductor heard their conversation and quickly opened up a path for them

The young lady stooped down and pulled out a pair of crutches…

The people who were touched by the kind young lady’s words were stunned to learn that she needed crutches to aid her to walk and she rather stand to allow an old man take her seat.

I chose kindness doesn’t mean I am weak. I know that kindness is the true nature of humans and we as humans must not be evil as evil will only cause punishments.

I chose self-control doesn’t mean I am a coward. I understood that self-control would make the world a better place and our future to become brighter.

I chose tolerance doesn’t mean I am a coward. Because I understand that tolerance is a virtue and virtue never wrong.

I chose to forgive does not mean I have no principles. Because I understand that when I choose to forgive others, I will not extend a problem to extreme measures.

I chose to be sincere doesn’t mean I speak directly.

Because I understand flattery is sweet to the ears but there are no truth in them, truth is always unpleasant to listen but we must be held responsible to our words

I appreciate friendship doesn’t mean I am too clingy. Because I wanted to have good times with my friends and would not want to give up the rare fate of our friendship. I understand that deception will always end up with a bad ending and betrayal will end up with a bad result.

I choose to be kind doesn’t mean I am clumsy. Because I understand that we will be able to aid others happily through great virtue.

Remember how others helped us so in return learn how to help others. There are some matters in life that random people helped us when we are in need although they do not even know who we are and it was their priceless love that gave us light and hope.

They used their knowledge and power to aid others in need to make the world a better place to live in

After reading this story, I believe that your inner self must have calmed down… Try to keep tab of your daily speech and actions and you would find that you still have space to improve yourself. Good intentions are always wonderful. I believe that if everyone could dedicate a little love towards the community, our world will become a better place to live in.

The young lady who needed crutches as aid to walk bought a sitting ticket but chose to allow an elderly man to take her seat. How much love do you think is needed to achieve this young girls kind-heartedness? Luckily the train conductor is also a kind man who noticed that the young girl’s disability thus allowing the story to have a happy ending.

Let us share this touching warm story for others to read!


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