18-year-old albino Ukrainian model is known as ‘the most beautiful angel’ and netizens are in awe with her unrivalled beauty!


Beautiful Nastya Zhidkova is an 18-year-old albino model from Ukraine.

She developed albinism at an early age.

Her whole body is white even her hair is naturally platinum blonde

Due to albinism, even her eyes have a unique pinkish colour which makes her to look dreamy and out of this world.

Her existence is like a dream, just like an angel had fallen down to our mortal world

Because of her special looks, she always get curious looks from others since she was a child.

Natsya was often discriminated and bullied by her peers when she was young

As she grew up, she became more and more introverted and withdrawn from everyone else because of her unique appearance

Luckily, a modelling company got attracted with her unique skin colour and appearance and decided to sign her as a model at their agency. At the modelling agency, Natsya has given chances to model and photographed series of beautiful photos.

Although Natsya’s white appearance and pink eyes are the defects of her innate genes, it has also become her unique feature in the modelling world

From the start of her career as a model, she became popular on the internet and had been declared as ‘the most beautiful angel’

Netizens who saw her pictures commented that her appearance was stunningly beautiful and also agreed that she was definitely an angel in the mortal world!

Do you agree with netizens’ opinion about Natsya? We hope that Natsya will continue her career as a model and we are looking forward for her to become the next supermodel!

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