This loving father sacrificed everything for his son’s education—These photos will make you cry


These touching photos went viral in 2013, depicting a barefoot father with his son, who just graduated from college.

These photos show a father’s undying and unconditional love towards his son. He has been a widower since his son was born. His wife died soon after giving birth to their son, and from then on, he raised his son on his own.

This man, who lives in Thailand, is a farmer, and whatever meager earnings he has all goes to his son’s upbringing.

Finally, the time came when the son was about to attend college, so the father decided to sell all his belongings just so his son could get through college and graduate

Through his father’s hard work and sacrifice, the son graduated from Ratchptr University in Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand. This is an amazing achievement for both the son and his father, as they live in an impoverished village where finishing school is not the norm.

Such is the love of a father for his son and vice versa. His son posted a photo of the two when he was wearing his graduation cap and gown with the following caption:

“A poor farmer supported his son to complete his graduation; My father is my biggest pride said the son. How many likes does this great father deserve?”

The post garnered more than 100,000 likes, comments, and shares by Facebook netizens from different countries all over the world.

Credit: NTD


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