The way you lock your smartphone will reveal the truth about your personality


Choose the way you unlock your smartphone and your lock pattern will reveal your true personality!

#1 Pattern lock 

You always think about others and even will go as far as helping them by thinking solutions to their problems.

You look like an outgoing person but on the inside, you are actually a reserved and introverted individual. However, you always strive to look like an independent and brave person while you are afraid of failures and loneliness.

Furthermore, you put a high value on friendship but one has to really earn your trust because you do not easily trust anyone. You are also very tolerant but you easily keep everything inside your heart and are not willing to share about your feelings.

Hence, people around are usually careful around you because you are sensitive and take everything personally.

#2 PIN Number 

You are a very unpredictable person and people around you have a hard time to guess your thoughts. Besides, you are very romantic and concern with others. However, you like to keep things to yourself even when you are upset. You are quite reserved.

Yet, you always hope for people to understand your feelings and will feel understood and loved when someone pays attention to you. You have many secrets and will only share them with those who are close with you.

You do not easily open up to strangers but once you form a closer relationship with someone, you can talk about almost anything with them.

#3 Slide lock

You are not a fan of complexity and like to keep things simple. Your simplicity also shows in the way you handle problems and those who have troubled you in the past as you do not like to hold a grudge and easily forgive them.

Furthermore, you also work very hard to achieve your goals. You are also good at strategic thinking and meticulous when it come to work.

If people treat you nicely, you will try your best to return the same favour to them. You also love to laugh and have good times but have a very difficult time to decide on something. If you were asked to choose a colour, it will take you a day to make a decision.

#4 Fingerprint lock

You always say something that you do not really mean. Your friends take advantage of you sometimes because you tend to do as they say. You look like an independent and strong person but actually, you are not as strong as people think your are.

You are afraid of being hurt by other people, mainly because you have been taken advantage a few time in the past so you do not easily open up to those you are not close with. You also do not care with what others think about you as you value your own opinion.

However, you are actually a very calm and composed person so you only make a decision after thinking about it for a long time.

If you think that the description really describes your personality, why not share this quiz with your friends and family so they can learn more about themselves!


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