Family’s cat goes into labor—but when owners see who comes racing in the room, they’re amazed


When this cat went into labor, her excited owners quickly starting filming the joyous moment. While waiting, however, an unlikely visitor that decided to help took everyone by absolute surprise.

Dogs and cats are often portrayed in movies and literature as being enemies. Yes, one may have even seen the odd altercation between both canine and feline as well. So, whilst the two may have their differences, owners of cats and dogs may be well aware that despite this age-old belief, the two animals can be best of buddies too!

Don’t “fight like cats and dogs” please

Credit: ©Pixabay | Gellinger

According to the website All Cute All The Time, a family’s video of their cat giving birth may hold the answer.

The excitement welcoming a litter of kittens was in the air when their cat went into labor. The family stood around watching as she birthed one after another. The mother cat didn’t appear to have any complications.

Everything was going smoothly when an unexpected visitor came into the room—the family’s dog.

What is the dog trying to do?

His presence was a definite surprise. There was a moment of pause to figure out what he wanted.

But just being in the room was not enough. The dog then did the unthinkable much to the amazement of the family. He went straight to the cat and started to comfort her.

A touching moment when the family’s dog came to comfort the cat

The dog proceeded to take an active role in helping the cat with her delivery. He licked her and helped to lick her kittens—every single one of them!

When the cat and dog were completely done taking care of the newborn kittens, they each lay down side by side for a well-deserved rest.

A job well done for this cat and her helpful friend

Now that’s a clear case of showing love and support.

Watch the touching moment below:

Credit: NTD


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