Choose one of these six doors and it will reveal your personality


Which of these doorways are you drawn to? Pick the door that appeals to you the most as it will symbolize your personality. 

Door 1

If you chose the first door, it means that you are a carefree and jovial person. You value freedom above all else and cannot be tied down with excessive commitments. You feel most at ease with a job which lets you be your own boss as you would mainly be responsible for your own actions.

You are the type of person who does not like relying heavily on others. You are also easygoing in every sense of the word which means that you would rather take your time and enjoy the wonder that is life rather than being rushed to do something like the majority of the population today.

Door 2

If it’s the second door you chose, you are a very private person. You are the kind of person who loves to travel alone or who spends a lot of time by yourself as it allows you to observe, contemplate and and solve whatever is on your mind.

The way you see the world is unique and distinct because your mind works in an unconventional way. Even when you are alone your mind is always in deep thought, you are able to establish few but close relationships with people you trust.

Door 3

If you chose the third door, your life is filled with laughter and enjoyment. You are the kind of person who loves to establish as many connections as possible with people. Your ideal path in life is one that is full of vibrant color, beauty and amusement. You value the journey rather than  the destination.

You have a curious soul and you are always open to new experiences. You like to start conversations with people and can be very witty. Many people like to be around you because you are charismatic and you put people at ease.

Door 4

Those of you who chose door number 4 can be categorized as  the kind of person who loves adventure. You are constantly moving forward and dare to take on any challenge or obstacle without hesitation.

You are impulsive and follow your instinct so you sometimes act before thinking things through.You love being spontaneous and you are always up for a challenge.

Door 5

For those who chose the fifth door, you are the type of person who values relaxation and serenity. This means you like to have things in order so you can have complete peace of mind. You prefer a trip that is well organized so that it will go smoothly without interruption.

You tend to stay away from difficult tasks and will most likely choose the easiest way to get things done. According to you, life is already challenging therefore you do not want to make it any harder for yourself. You are very humble and considerate as your friends rely on you for guidance and support.

Door 6

If you chose the sixth door you are the kind of person who is content with being by yourself. You prefer to be in your own company rather than in the company of other people. You can spend most of your days solely by yourself without being lonely or bored.

In life, you always seek to understand a situation thoroughly before acting. You dislike  being in crowded and cramped places as you feel suffocated. You also like to have only a few companions or relationships but they are very valuable to you because you believe that quality is far superior that quantity.

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