This grandmother was cruelly forced to smuggle illicit items across the border


Last year, there was a shocking incident which occurred involving an elderly grandmother and the border police. She was detained on the suspicion of attempting to smuggle illegal substances over the America-Mexico border.

The elderly woman who was originally from Mexico, was going to board an airplane from Mexico to the United States. However, she was promptly asked to step aside to be inspected and was detained by the police in charge almost immediately.

She was then asked to remove her outer clothing for further inspection.

Who would have guessed that this sweet elderly lady was secretly carrying around these items

During the entirety of the inspection, this aged woman was visible shaken and absolutely frightened when she was asked to remove the items she had hidden underneath her clothes

Everyone present during the inspection, including the police, were notably surprised when they first caught a glimpse of what this lady had been lugging around taped to her body.

After the inspection was complete and the elderly woman had been questioned, it was found that she had been directed by someone to do what she had done. She was forced to tape 5 kilograms worth of cannabis to her body and smuggle it across the Mexican-American border.

The cruel person who instructed her to do so was using her a a drug mule for their own profit

Though this may seem like it was no fault of the elderly woman, the law dictates that she be punished for her crime irregardless of the fact she was coerced into doing the deed.


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