These kids were surprised with their newly adopted baby sister and their reactions will melt your heart


Though they had been anticipating an addition to their family for quite a while, Raygen, 11,  and Harper, 6, were caught off guard when their parents brought home their newly adopted baby sister without their knowledge.

Shane and Kasi Pruitt had been on a 10-month wait to adopt a child and add to their family of six. Although it was a long and tedious process, their wait had finally come to an end when they received the news that they were able to finally adopt a baby girl. They kept it a secret from their daughters and also their two other children, Titus, 4, and Elliot, 20 months, who were both also adopted.

Shane said in an interview with ABC News that “They would ask all the time, ‘Have you gotten a call?’ in eager anticipation ever since their parents conceived the thought of adopting another child.

Therefore their reactions were to be expected when their mother came into the house holding the bundle of joy.

Shane also said that the girl’s reactions were ‘fitting for their personalities’ and went on to explain that Harper, the younger of the two siblings, is typically always ‘outspoken’ whereas Raygen is more ‘sensitive and emotional’ and this can be seen in how the two girls responded to their new sister.

Harper exclaiming ‘Are you kidding me!?’ while Raygen burst out in tears of joy after realizing what was going on

Raygen (left) holding her newly adopted sister and Harper(right) waiting for her turn to carry the baby

The whole Pruitt family of seven including the new addition to the family


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