15 mesmerizing photos of this feline phenomenon with a purrfectly divided face. #12 is chucklesome


This cat with a “purrfectly” divided face is one of a kind. Her unique halves, which you’ll see in a moment, have naturally been part of her claim to fame on Instagram.

Meet Quimera the cat. She doesn’t seem to mind showing her true colors. One side of her face is pale ginger, with a golden eye, whilst her other half is black, with a blue eye. This eye-catching division goes all the way down to her chest and front legs, where these colors merge and mix.

This fascinating feline’s looks quickly won the hearts of cat-loving Instagramers, who number in the thousands—36,300 in fact!

Check out Quimera below. You never know, you may even become a fan of her yourself.

1. “Hi, I’m Quimera. Aren’t I beautiful?”

2. “I’m watching you, with my two eyes of differing colors”

3. “I’m rather photogenic, aren’t I?”

4. “Here’s my selfie”

5. “I like playing with my owner”

6. “I take it upon myself to lounge around the house”

7. “Preferably with the one who feeds me”

8. “I’m quite the poser”

9. “There’s something about this box that makes my face look special”

10. “They call me cute”

11. “Just don’t call me ‘two-face’”

12. “Oh yeah … I hunt mice too … that’s just part of my package”

13. “This shot should go on Vogue’s front cover, don’t you think?”

14. “Here I am in other publications as well … meow”

15. “He just wants to be like me”

Credit: NTD


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