Turtles in Japan have their own special crossing tracks in railway stations


In our modern world, it is common to see crosswalks everywhere for our convenience. Yet, we rarely give a thought about crosswalk for animals! We should take an example from Japanese railroad companies which took a step forward to install crossing track for turtles to cross their train tracks safely.

In Japan, many turtles can get crushed by trains or stuck in tracks when they cross the train tracks which can cause delays

There have been 13 train incidents involving turtles between 2002 and 2014.

Since then, the West Japan Railroad Company teamed up with Suma Aqualife Park in Kobe to build crossing tracks for turtles

So far, 5 tunnels have been built for turtles to cross train tracks safely. Every month, these crossing tracks will be checked and any turtles which get stuck in the crossing tracks will be sent to Suma Aqualife Park.

In just four months after it was built, 10 turtles had been saved!

Watch the process to build these amazing turtle crossing tracks here!


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