[Video] Sleeping baby gave the most heartwarming response when her father kissed her


What could be more adorable than a sleeping newborn baby? This new father feels the same too about his newborn daughter. In a video that has gone viral on social medias, this father just can’t stop himself from kissing his baby daughter’s cheek and his daughter loves it too!

The video began with a shot of baby Emily sleeping peacefully in a bed. The sight was so adorable that her father couldn’t help but to tease her with a kiss on her chubby cheek.

When her father kissed her cheek, the baby gave him the sweetest smile as if she knew her father kissed her. This adorable moment between the father and the daughter had been captured in a video by Emily’s mother.

Surely, the lovely moment will be treasured by Emily and her parents forever.

Scroll down for video

Emily got a kiss from her father

Emily instantly smiled after her father kissed her. Seeing her adorable response, her father got excited and kissed her again and Emily smiled again.

Just look at her cute face!

Watch Emily’s video for more of her cute smiles here!

Don’t you agree with us that she is such an angel?


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