Never settle down and expect a fairytale life with a guy who has these 11 habits


Every woman in love must have been dreaming about getting married with their loved one at any point in their lives. Sure, marriage seems like the ultimate goal of a relationship but if your man shows any of these habits, it is a revealing sign that he might not deserve the best of you.

After all, marriage is a serious, long-term commitment and you obviously want to settle down with the right man. So, take your time ladies. If he is the right one, Mr. Right will not have any of these habits.

#1 Narrow-minded

A man who does not have complete trust and respect in you will always stop you from doing what you love.

Even you have been loyal to him, he will always think that you will jeopardise the relationship. This kind of men spread negative vibes and it can ruin your life and happiness. It is better if you stay away from this man.

#2 Keeps breaking promises

If your partner always breaks his promises to you, be ready to know that he is not serious with the relationship. It is okay to forgive him the first time he break a promise. He might have his own excuses but when he does too often as time goes by, it is a red sign that he will never keep his promise.

#3 Does not respect animals

His lack of empathy just shows how he does not deserve to be with you. Maybe you can still get the relationship to work out if he is allergic to certain types of animals, but if he continues to be abusive and disrespectful towards animals, there is no guarantee he would not be the same to you later on.

#4 Mr. Know It All

It is a good thing if he tries to advise you to leave your bad habits behind but if he thinks that only his decisions and plans are always right and refuses to take your opinions into consideration, you might want to leave him immediately. This type of man will never admit his mistakes and you do not want to take all the blames for the rest of your life, do you?

#5 Always gives out excuses for everything

This kind of man will always get his superb, pre-planned excuse ready when situation turns differently than expected. If your partner keeps giving excuses for everything and the excuses do not just make sense, it is time to remove this toxic man from your life.

#6 Cheater

This is definitely one of the biggest sins in a relationship. When he looks at you, his eyes seem to sparkle with love, he looks like he never wanted to spend the rest of his life with anyone else but you. The minute you turn your back, he begins to look for his affairs and blames you for your lack of trust. Never ever believe that you can get a playboy to settle down with you.

#7 Smoker

Unless you do not mind getting lung cancer and premature wrinkles, you might not want to live with a smoker. If you have asked him to stop smoking for a thousand times but he does not budge, it just shows how much he loves cigarettes more than you. Plus, this also shows how he does not care for others’ health and think about when both you decided to have a baby. Secondhand smoke has proven to be more fatal than heart attack!

#8 Deals with his problems immaturely

If your partner has a problem with his friend and he easily breaks off his friendship, it could be a sign that he is impatient and easily jumps into rash conclusion. Today, it might be his friend, one day, you could be next in line.

#9 Too clingy

This is a good news for every woman out there if your partner is looking forward to spend time with you. However, if he does not let you have own personal space to the point it damages your private life, you might want to slow talk with him. Clingy people are always found to have trust issues and see if both of you can resolve the issue. If he continues to invade your personal space, leave him!

#10 Abusive

This is one of the ultimate reason on why you should leave him. It is never okay to be abusive, let alone to be abused by your partner. Whether it is mentally or physically, never let your partner takes you as his punching bag. As soon as he abuses you, he does not love you anymore.

#11 Financial bully

If he never pays for the dinner and always delays paying back to you, it does not show that he will be a responsible provider when you two get married. This kind of man will never want to be responsible for the bills and marriage responsibilities. He will always comes up with excuses whenever you ask for money for household expenses. Forget marriage, this man just want to have fun. So, as soon as you see this habit, leave him. He does not love you, he loves your stable income.

All in all, this list is not exhaustive. There are many other possible bad habits that a man might show to you that just reveal how not ready he is for a serious commitment. It is better if both of you can discuss and slow talk about your and his bad habits. After all, it takes two to tango and remember this list before you say ‘I do’!


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