This lady with obesity problem was criticized harshly as ‘her handsome husband’s mother’ and she decided to turn things around


She has always been obese throughout her life and received so many insults and criticisms for her unappealing appearance from people around her. Tired of being overweight, this lady determined to lose some weight and the result is really inspiring.

Last year, a Malaysian woman started her journey to lose weight after she was heavily criticised by her friends and family members. In just 12 months, her weight plunged from a heavy 106 kg to 64 kg!

According to Sinchew daily, the 38-year-old woman named Lee was married.

However, many gave her salty comments about how not compatible she was with her handsome husband

What made her more sad was when strangers thought that her husband was her son for quite a few times and directly asked her, “Is this your son?” Ouchh!

However, harsh comments were not the only reason that made Lee changed her mind to lose weight. Lee was aware that her obesity caused her to have difficult time to squat in the toilet and was often out of breath when walking.

Lee said, “I’ve tried losing weight for more than 10 years, but I just don’t have the determination. I’ve tried taking fat-burning supplements to lose weight fast, but my body reacted drastically after I got off the pill. My body weight then skyrocketed to above 100kg.”

“For the past 10 years, my body weight has been fluctuating and I’ve never really managed to slim down,” she added.

Today, after motivated by the rude comments and health issues, Lee managed to successfully go through a tough weight-loss journey and she lost 42 kg in a just a year.

Her slimming down secrets are to do something that she is comfortable with

“I tried to incorporate the food I like into my diet. For instance, I like oats, so I replaced rice with oats. Although I generally don’t like to exercise, I realised that I love listening to music while taking a slow jog,” Lee said.

Furthermore, she also cut out food that is high in sugar and carbohydrate as well as her favourite, ice cream in her new diet.

When asked about she regrets the most, Lee said that she was unable to do pre-wedding photo shoot and hold a wedding dinner reception because she could not fit into any wedding dresses.

“I didn’t even dare to dream about taking pictures in a wedding dress, so my husband and I only registered for our marriage,” she said.

Even though she has already went through a drastic change in her weight, Lee has no intentions to stop at the moment. In fact, the couple will most probably do a pre-wedding photo shoot and hold wedding dinner reception when Lee’s weight reaches below 60 kg.

Her tremendous and impressive weight-loss change has inspired many people to do the same; she created a group in WeChat to share with anyone interested in losing weight about her weight loss tips.

Lee’s efforts to have a balanced diet and clean eating is not easy to be done especially in Malaysia where you can find a wide range of sinful indulgences. She is truly amazing for her efforts! Well done, Lee!


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