Grandma jokes on seeing disabled newborn grandson—but this ‘sarcasm’ defined his life future


Soon after he was born, his grandmother looked at him and joked, “Well, his father never really did finish anything he started.” But today, this man, born without hands and legs, takes on responsibilities of any normal person.

Chris Koch was born with birth defects. But regardless of his obvious restrictions, Chris works as a farmer at Apricot Lane Farms. His chores include everything that is required on a farm, including driving tractors.

He shared in the Oprah Winfrey Network’s video that the reason for his determination and independent spirit is his family, who supported him in whatever he wished to do

Chris said his family’s sense of humor and spirited jokes helped him come to terms with his condition and feel like just any other person. They were determined to raise him as a normal kid and to not let his “disability” be an excuse.

He said it is this sense of sarcasm and dry humor that actually gave him perspective and made dealing with his condition so much easier

“It takes me upwards of 400% more energy to do everyday tasks than someone with arms or legs. I’m hopping on one leg, it’s a good little workout,” Chris said jokingly

Chris recalled that as a child, he had tried prosthetic limbs, but absolutely detested them. At times, he would even get in trouble for not wearing them and would be sent to the principal’s office.

Astonishingly, Chris said as a child, he never felt he was any different from the other kids

However, Chris made it clear that he doesn’t believe in “how you look”

“Some people are ashamed of their freckles or some people are ashamed of that spare tire around their waist; they have big ears or a big nose or whatever. I think if you’re worried about how you look, you’re cheating yourself out of opportunities,” Chris said

Chris believes that if, as a person, we’re worried about how we appear to others all the time, then we’re just wasting our time and holding ourselves back from achieving our true potential

Chris is an inspiration for everyone and provides a valuable lesson on how to approach life and the challenges it throws every day

What a brave heart! Are you touched by this extraordinary man?

Watch the OWN video below:

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