A pilot captured bird’s-eye views of Bangladesh’s natural landscape and the results are breathtaking


A pilot from Bangladesh, Shamim Sharif Susom is a photography enthusiast. For him, photography is a passion and that is clearly evident in his breathtaking pictures that he shares with the public.

Shamim grew up in a small village somewhere in Bangladesh before moving to the bustling Dhaka. After he finished his studies, he managed to secure a job but the job required him to move from one place to another place frequently.

Due to his nature of work, he did not have the chance to stay at one place for a long time. Thus, the only place he felt attached to was his village where he grew up.

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Since he fell in love with photography at a tender age, he began to snap shots of his beloved country as a way of expressing his gratitude and appreciation towards the beautiful landscape of Bangladesh

“The way I see it, I am fortunate enough to fly, and fortunate enough to see my root, my village, my urban life from a different perspective”

“At the end of the day, I’m capturing the memoirs of my reconnection. I am revisiting my country, my past, my childhood”

Bangladesh might not be one of the most popular tourist spots in the world and many people may not know the amazing views it holds.

Bangladesh’s flowing rivers and lush countryside are among his photography subjects

With outstanding aerial shots, Shamim proved that his homeland is indeed amazing

Rows of boats on the shoreline at Daulatdia Village

Stunning bird’s eye view of a single house in a lush countryside

A view of two fishermen trying to catch fish in a vast sea

Majestic view of farmers working at a rice paddy field

Shamim’s photo series provide a unique and insightful perspective on Bangladesh’s landscapes

A view of Feni District that looks like Medusa’s hair by grazing cattles

This photo was taken when Shamim flew over Manikganj District

He called this photo ‘Serenade to Spring’ which shows birds flying low over the water

A couple led their cattles through water in this photo

Shamim’s aerial perspective has certainly brought the hidden panoramic views of Bangladesh into the world’s spotlight. Who would have known such majestic and enchanting places exist in Bangladesh. Kudos to Shamim!


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