Meet Aardwolf: The adorable rock star of the animal kingdom you have never heard of


At first glance, they look like a mixed breed of hyenas and zebras but with a softer and cuter appearance. Meet aardwolf, a distant cousin to hyenas. Unlike hyenas who prefer to chomp on snakes, lizard and birds, aardwolf’s diet mostly consists of termites much like aardvark.

However, don’t look down on them. An aardwolf can eat up to 300,000 termites in a single time! Also, these cute animals often live in underground burrows which have been abandoned by other animals and live with their family members. They really value family bond and loyalty as they will stay with the same partner for their entire lives.

Can’t wait to see their adorable photos? Scroll down to see their infinite cuteness for yourself.

This cute animal is a baby aardwolf

Credit: H van den Berg

This species can grow up to 55 to 80 cm long and weigh around 7 to 10 kg when they become adults

Unlike hyenas, aardwolf spot cool mohawks at the back of their body like a rock star! 

Aardwolf mainly eat termites as their primary food source

Credit: Hennie van Heerden

They have long and sticky tongue to help them capture termites as their food

Credit: Nigel J Dennis

An adult aardwolf can eat up to 300,000 termites in a single night

Credit: Cincinnati Zoo

They can be found in East and Southern Africa where they live in underground burrows

They do not dig up the burrows.

Instead, they find the abandoned ones and move there to live

Credit: Daryl Balfour

Aardwolf also prefer to live in a group.

They are very family oriented

Credit: Ohange Lodge Namibia

An adult aardwolf can grow as big as a fox 

Credit: Animals-Safaris

Just like penguins, aardwolf is loyal to their partner for the rest of their lives 

Credit: Gerard Lacz

What do you think of aardwolf now that you knew this adorable critter? They surely look adorable, aren’t they?


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