This young Korean girl has a beautiful and an innocent feature, but her body build will make every man envious


Imagine a famous female K-pop idol with a body like Dwayne Johnson. That is exactly how this female body builder from South Korea looks like!

This extraordinary lady, Jhi Yeon-woo, became famous after her photos went viral on social medias.

While her face looks beautiful and sweet like any K-pop idols, her body is muscular and athletic!

According to RocketNews24,the 31-year-old Jhi Yeon-woo who is also known as ‘King Kong Barbie’ has more than 127,000 followers on her Instagram and 61,787 followers on her Facebook page

Her social media feeds are full with her workout selfies at the gymnasium.

Not to forget, photos of her flexing her muscles!

She has been a bodybuilder for a while and is a seasoned figure in many bodybuilding competitions in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Yeon-woo also has won several champion titles in international and national championships

One of her biggest wins is when she won the Arnold Classic Europe Physique in 2013.

She also get called ‘Devil Lolita’ by her Asian fans because of her sweet face and ripped muscles

However, she was not born with the tough and muscular build. She looked just like any typical South Korean women before she entered bodybuilding industry

Her husband is also a bodybuilder!

Her popularity brought her many endorsement deals like Advanced Performance Nutrition Supplements, a food supplement for athletes

She also has her own Youtube channel where she shares her diet tips and healthy lifestyle with her fans.

Head to her Instagram for more of her amazing photos.

In the meantime, why not watch her video below!


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