UNBELIEVABLE—Lion and dog share a special bond, their friendship is just out of this world


Some would smirk at an unlikely pairing once they see any. But this pair could care less, as they have been together since this lion was a baby, and have continued on to becoming friends.

Meet Bonedigger, a 500 pounds lion, and Milo, a dachshund dog, who has struck up a very unusual relationship. They have been together since Bonedigger was just a cub and have ever since been inseparable.

This best friends can be found at the G. W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Bonedigger is disabled and he is mildly crippled due to a metabolic bone disease. This is where Milo and two other dachshunds, Bullet and Angel, come into the picture.

Sensing that there was something wrong with Bonedigger, they approach him and try to comfort and protect him

And the rest is history.

Now, Bonedigger thinks of his pals as his “cubs” most especially Milo, whom he has grown attached to the most.

They are so close to each other that Milo even licks Bonedigger’s teeth to clean them all

They also stay in one place together cuddling.

They laze around together, eat raw meat together, cuddle and roam around the park together.  They practically do everything together.

There is a certain bond that binds them together

A lot of people have been amazed by their unusual friendship. To the human mind it is quite impossible for a dog and a lion to be friends, but seeing Bonedigger and Milo together removes all doubts and questions. They definitely have a friendship that no one can break or even go between.

Friendship is something that is sacred and very meaningful and is based on mutual trust and support. Friendship can be found in the most unexpected of places and different species as well! So be open to new ideas and let neither prejudice, nor stigma cloud your feelings and thoughts—just like Bonedigger and Milo’s friendship.

Credit: Epoch Times


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