This man kept his promise to marry his preschool crush for 20 years and the netizens just can’t handle their fairy tale love


For many people, preschool crushes do not last beyond their preschool days. All of the hugs and sweet marriage proposal only becomes sweet memories of their childish days. However, this couple proved that preschool crush could last forever.

The couple, Laura Scheel and Matt Grodsky met for the first time when they were three years old in their preschool.

Matt even remembers one of his earliest memories that is when he proposed to Laura

“One of my very first memories is of being 3 years old and standing up in front of my pre-school class, declaring that I would marry her someday,” Matt said

Laura and Matt always spent time playing hide-and-seek and did mischievous adventures together.

He said that Laura was the one who taught him how to eat string cheese ‘properly’

“I remember trying to impress her during a Cinco De Mayo celebration at the preschool where we were trying to break open a piñata,” Matt recalled.

“Fortunately, I was the kid who managed to do it and I assume it got her attention”, he further added

Yet, their love did not survive beyond pre-school. They lost touch with each other after that. But fate had a way to reunite this couple again.

They finally met each other again through a mutual friend during high school

Since they have always have feelings for each other, Laura and Matt quickly hit it off and they officially became a couple two weeks later

Interestingly, Matt stayed true to his preschool promise to Laura. Laura recalled moments before Matt proposed to her for the second time.

It was in May 2015 when they were on their way to visit their old preschool classroom

“The whole car ride to the preschool she kept asking me why I seemed anxious”

“I kept checking my pocket when she wasn’t looking to make sure the ring was still there.” Matt said.

When they arrived at their preschool, Matt dropped down on one knee and proposed Laura

“Laura was shocked.” Matt recalled the romantic moment he proposed to her

Luckily for Matt, Laura immediately said yes!

Eventually, they both tied up the knot in December 2016

Laura and Matt during their wedding reception

Their love story received many attention from the public who were completely in awe of their loyalty and fairy-tale romance  

Netizens just adored the fact that this couple managed to rekindle their preschool love!

Their story even made some netizens to recall their similar memories like this comment from Amy Holborrow who met her husband again despite lost contact after school

And Jill Christine who met her husband in preschool as well and married him years later

Laura and Matt really makes a charming couple! Just look at how much love radiates from Matt’s eyes as he stares lovingly at his wife, Laura. We bet you too can’t handle their romance!

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Photo credits: Laura Scheel Grodsky


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