These most epic toilet design fails will make you think twice before using it


Imagine you walk down the street, drinking a big cup of iced lemon tea on a hot day. Suddenly, you feel an urge to relieve yourself so your search for public toilets begins.

As you search for a toilet, the need to pee clings stronger to your mind and your bladder. Luckily, you find a public toilet just a few steps away so you quickly make your way to the toilet. You cannot hold it in anymore. You. Have. To. Pee.

As soon as you step into the toilet, the toilet looks like photos below.

Would you just use the toilet or hold your pee?

#1 Toilet that lets everyone sees you attend to your ‘business’

#2 Now, you can just continue your conversation with your friend anytime, anywhere. No toilet excuses anymore!

#3 Two is always better than one

#4 We are guessing the door is added at the very last minute… 

#5 Peek-a-boo! At least people won’t know your face

#6 Another epic toilet design mistake 

#7 Just a friendly reminder: Don’t forget your tissue supply before you relieve yourself unless you have 2-metre long arm

#8 The door really does nothing to protect your privacy

#9 If you are up for an adventure even in the toilet, this toilet is just right for you

#10 Just in case you need friendly support in the toilet 

#11 We don’t think that is the right size for a toilet door

#12 When walls and doors are too mainstream

These toilet designs really got us thinking; Did the architects design these toilets when they were drunk?

Well, we hope you never get stuck in one of these toilets!


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