19 inspirational before and after weight loss photos of the same person that are hard to believe


Slimming down is not an easy task but if you managed to lose weight, you will surely get the sweet taste of the hard-earned victory. Not only that, you will get a new, slimmed body and it will boost your confidence.

Below are 19 before-and-after pictures of people who are successful in their diets. Now, they look like a totally different person!

▼ Before successfully losing 272 kg, she had trouble walking. Now, she is a goddess

▼ She spent 9 years slimming down. Even though it was very tough, it was worth it. Now she has her dream body and she feels really good about it

▼ He spent 10 years to lose 133 kg and now his life changed dramatically

▼ She spent 2 years controlling her food portion and increased her daily exercise. Finally, she succeeded in losing 101 kg and now her weight is 65 kg

▼ He stopped drinking alcohol for a year and successfully lost 36 kg

▼ Their combined weight loss is 177 kg and they are still going to lose more!

▼ After successfully reducing his weight, he looks more dashing. Don’t you agree?

▼ His fifth year in slimming down and he looks excellent

▼ “Look at my old trousers! It feels great to slim down.”

▼ He spent 2 years losing weight from 163 kg to 104 kg. That is a very good starting point for him

▼ He was 55 years old when he started controlling his food intake and started doing some exercise. Now, he has successfully lost 47 kg and his wife lost 27 kg

▼ She has been dieting for quite a while but only after she started exercising that she was able to reduce her weight to 77kg

▼ After losing 45 kg, her smile becomes even brighter

▼ Jonah Hill was a comedian before he lost his weight. Now, he looks like a male model

▼ He lost his weight from 135 kg to 87 kg and now he has six-pack abs

▼ No one believed she could slim down from 100 kg to 50 kg

▼ During Halloween, she could only dress up as Shrek, now she could dress up as Moana

▼ She lost 58.9 kg and transformed herself to a beauty queen

▼ 2 years ago she decided to lose weight and now she could wear beautiful dress

What are you waiting for? Aren’t you convinced that slimming down makes you look better? Set a small goal and achieve it to encourage yourself. Then, slowly increase it until you achieve your dream figure. It is never too late to start so why not start having a balanced diet and do regular exercise now so that you too can be like them!


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