This 10-year-old girl determined to work at a construction site and the reason is heartbreaking


Being a construction worker is not for anyone. The tough working conditions include working under the scorching sun and lifting heavy components but a young girl proves otherwise. Even though she is only 10 years old, this girl has no other options but to stop school and works at a construction site to support both of her grandparents.

Unlike other girls who are usually showered with love and gifts from their parents, this girl lost his father to a tragic accident. After her father died, her mother ran away with another man and left her penniless.

In an instant, she became the only sole breadwinner for her family. Even though her grandparents receive monthly financial aid and pension, the money is not enough to cover for their medical cost.

So, she had to stop going to school and instead, work to earn a living at a very young age. She went to the construction site without her grandparents’ knowledge and asked for a job.

The construction site manager took a sympathy with her living condition so he took her in as a worker

The manager is considerate enough for the girl. She is only in charge for easier tasks like moving bricks from a place to another place.

However, the job must have been challenging for this girl.

Even an adult man would find it tough, let alone this young girl

Nevertheless, the girl is positive and always looks at the bright side when asked whether she feels fine having the tough job. She said, “Never mind. I need money to pay for my grandparents’ hospital bill and medicine.”

She further added, “It was better for me to work under the sun than letting my grandparents become sick”

Her perseverance and her determination really deserve utmost respect and should be a lesson to all of us. At a tender age, the girl does not simply give up when she faces many challenges in her life. We sincerely hope that she would live a better life as a reward for her hard work.


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