This Malaysian-Swedish mixed baby won netizen’s hearts as the most beautiful baby ever seen, now she grows up to be a pretty young lady


This adorable baby girl called Dhuhaa Sophea started to draw public attention when her photos went viral on social medias. Sophea has a beautiful pair of eyes with thick and long eyelashes and high nose bridge, features that are considered attractive in many Asian countries.

As soon as her parents uploaded her photos on social medias, Sophea became an instant star because of her adorable and stunning face!

Her perfect facial features are adored by many 

Many people are in love with her pretty and cute face 

Even though Sophea is still a baby, she has got long eyelashes that can make many women green with envy

Just look at her stunning eyes!

Many parents are already eyeing her as their prospective daughter-in-law

Her beautiful smile melts netizen’s hearts

Precious Sophea wearing her pink-grey beanie 

Isn’t she lovely?

Some even said she is the most beautiful baby in the world

Sophea’s mother, Siti Safuraa Hamzah, 32, is a Malaysian

Her father, a Swedish native named Asadullah Stumbrys, 33

Sophea currently lives with her parents in Stockholm, Sweden 

A collage of Sophea’s pictures 

Sophea is the only child of Safuraa and Asadullah

Sophea’s cute face will make anyone falls in love with her instantly

Sophea started to gain attention from netizens after her mother uploaded her photos on Instagram, @ctsafuraa

Sophea’s mother loves to upload her daily outfit of the day on her Instagram

So far, her mother’s Instagram page has amassed over 175, 000 followers

Safuraa has to migrate to Sweden due to her husband’s job

Sophea with her parents, Asadullah and Safuraa

One happy family!


Photo creadits: ctsafuraa


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