23-year-old woman whom once weigh a whopping 273 kg and had anxiety disorder decided to slim down and lost 113 kg!


When it comes to losing weight, it is always the never ending ‘I-will-start-tomorrow’ mantra that we always like to say over and over again. Just ask this person who was once couldn’t resist the temptation of food and always failed to start dieting.

However, one day, she determined to lose weight and decided to stick to her weight loss regime. The result was incredible – she succeeded at losing 113 kg!

Her name is Amber Rachdi. Before she started losing weight, she was 273 kg and all she could do was eating all day long. Her legs were as thick as tree trunk.

At the age of 23, all she could do was staying in bed as she had difficulty moving around due to her overweight.

This has made her felt like a disgusting monster

Actually, it wasn’t Amber’s fault for having such a big appetite. It was her losing control over her appetite that has caused her to pile on weight.

Amber was actually suffering from an eating disorder that caused her to binge on food continuously. As she couldn’t help herself to stop binge-eating, she soon found herself piling on weight. This leads to her having anxiety disorder as she couldn’t control her impulsive behaviour.

Her situation became worse as when she eats, she gets anxious over her weight and when she gets anxious, she eats even more to calm her down

When she was 5 years old, her body weight has amassed over 72 kg which is equivalent to the body weight of a male adult. Majority of her weight seems to accumulate around her legs and this has greatly affected her when she walks.

She doesn’t leave the house at all other than going out to buy some daily necessities

During her interview, Amber said, “Sometimes, I tell myself I could not change my current self at all. My whole body feels so weak and painful, my back and even my skin hurts.”

“I could not do anything or go anywhere. I felt like an animal trapped in a hunter’s trap!” she recalls her painful moments before she decided to lose weight

Finally, Amber decided to reduce some of her weight and she succeeded in reducing 9 kg. This allowed her to undergo an operation

The operation was successful and other than having a new body, Amber finally has a wide smile on her face!

From 272 kg, Amber further went to lose her body weight by more than 100 kilograms. She is now leading a whole new life and regained her confidence back.

Other than having to go to the psychiatrist to heal her anxiety, she is now living a life full of hope

Amber is very active on her social medias and she always shares her daily lifestyle with other netizens.

However, Amber does not like sharing her daily exercise routine and food intake to others as she thinks that her exercise routine and diet might not suit everyone

Amber said: “I am full of hope now and a whole new world is accessible to me. I am no longer the Amber who used to be trapped inside a room”

Losing weight is not all difficult. The problem is your own determination! After looking at Amber who went through such a big change,  do you have any more excuses to say slimming down is impossible?


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