Single mom refuses to give up and nurtures her disabled son all the way to Harvard


A 29-year-old disabled man defied all odds by gaining admission into Harvard University last year, thanks to his relentless support and commitment of his loving mother.

The young man, Ding Ding, who was born in 1998 with cerebral palsy due to birth complication, devoted his success to his loving mother Zou Hongyan.

Doctors in Hubei area suggested to Zou to abort the baby, saying it was worthless trying to save him as he would grow up either disabled or with lack of intelligence.

Just when Zou needed the loving support from her husband, he blatantly asked her to give up the baby, fearing that a disabled child would bring the whole family down financially.

However, Zou rejected all the negative comments and made it her life mission to raise and support Ding when no one wanted too.

Ding Ding, who has cerebral palsy, defied the odds by gaining admission into Harvard 

Zou divorced her husband and had three different jobs at once to support her son.

It didn’t stop there, she would enhance his skills by playing brain-stimulating games during her lunch breaks.

When she had the time, she regularly took Ding to rehabilitation sessions, regardless of the weather condition

Ding had inferior abilities in many areas, however it did not stop Zou from pushing her son to work harder and improve his skills.

The 29-year-old graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Peking University’s Environmental Science and Engineering School in 2011, before enrolling into Harvard 

He often misses his mother who now lives in Jingzhou, Hubei province. He described his mother as his “spiritual mentor”.

Mother Zou Hongyan with her disabled son Ding Ding

Like they say mothers can never be compared with anyone in life for her sacrifice, love and care. Let us all appreciate and love our mothers unconditionally.


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