A normal cat brings friendship goal to the next level when he takes care and feeds his disabled best friend


At first glance, Norang looks like any other cat; flurry and chubby except for he does not move like other healthy cats.

According to SBS TV, Norang’s hind legs are severely injured which leaves him with just two front legs to walk.

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Credit: SBS TV

Thankfully, Norang’s best friend, Nabi is willing to help him out and take care of him. He even shares his food with Norang and sleeps with him.

Norang and his good friend, Nabi at their cardboard ‘house’  

Credit: SBS TV

On top of that, Nabi also helps to protect Norang from any wild cat who wanted to disturb him by covering him under his body

Credit: SBS TV

Nabi helps shoos a scary cat away from disturbing Norang

Credit: SBS TV

Nabi also grooms Norang by licking Norang and let Norang has first dibs on their food

Credit: SBS TV

Luckily, Nabi and Norang aren’t homeless anymore. They have been rescued by an animal shelter and are now settling well in their new home with their new owner.

Watch how Norang and Nabi look out for each other and how adorable their friendship is here

아픈 노랑이를 꼬옥 안아주고 지켜주던 나비두 녀석에게 세상 제일 좋은 가족이 생겼습니다.

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Despite Norang’s disability, Nabi still takes care of him like a true friend. What do you think about their friendship?

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