2-foot-8-inch man married the lady he loved—but when many see her they can’t believe their eyes


Have you ever been in love? What qualifications did you look for in that person? Did you set some standards for that someone whom you call your ideal partner? What do you feel when you don’t meet the right one? Do you feel frustrated, or continue searching until you find the right one?

They say that love is embracing beyond imperfections. This is so true for Mindie Kniss and Sean Stephenson, because they have both found true love despite the challenges. Sean is diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease, where the bones are very fragile and break easily. Here is their inspiring story.

Mindie Kniss and Sean Stephenson met each other way back in 2009 through a friend. Mindie stands at 4 feet 11 inches, while Sean is a mere 2 feet 8 inches tall, but this beautiful lady couldn’t care less about his height.

Both are motivational speakers and are good in their craft

Credit: ©Facebook | Sean Stephenson | Mindie Kniss

They started dating thereafter despite people insinuating that Mindie was in for the money

Credit: ©Facebook | Sean Stephenson | Mindie Kniss

In 2012, Sean married Mindie in a very solemn, sweet, and memorable wedding

Credit: Sean Stephenson

Everyone was so happy for the couple and only had best wishes for them.

The couple settled in Arizona. They maintain a house, cleaning it and doing chores. They also blend their own drinks and cook if not ordering in. Theirs was a very normal, yet special wife-and-husband relationship—bonded eternally with the threads of unconditional love and compassion.

“It’s a joy to be married to this woman—not a day goes by when I don’t tell her I love her like 8,000 times,” Sean says in the Barcroft video below

Credit: ©Facebook | Sean Stephenson | Mindie Kniss

Despite the striking difference in their heights, questioning comments from people feel like nothing for this couple as they continue to live their lives

Some people are saying that Mindie is taking advantage of Sean’s disability and that she only married Sean because of his money

But Sean and Mindie do not mind what they hear, as they know the truth between the two of them—that they both have loved unconditionally

Credit: ©Facebook | Sean Stephenson | Mindie Kniss

Sean and Mindie are living their lives as any other couple would. There are ups and downs, as there is no perfect marriage, but they make sure to resolve it before the day ends.

They are a true example of what it is to love with no questions, to accept each other no matter what, and to love regardless of physical attributes

Credit: ©Facebook | Sean Stephenson | Mindie Kniss

Their love knows no bounds, and as the saying goes “miracles do happen!”

Watch the video here:

Credit: NTD


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