Man takes it upon himself see if wife is pregnant — the way he finds out is unbelievable


Some husbands are just as excited as their wives to find out if they’re pregnant or not. In this case, Will could not wait for his wife Keke to take a test, so he took it into his own hands.

Will made a video showing his crazy idea to find out if his wife was pregnant.

The video starts out with Will showing his excitement and determination.

“We’ve been trying for a while now. She’s a week late, and I personally think she’s pregnant,” he said.

Which apparently meant he did not want to waste any more time before finding out! Will pointed out that his wife was downstairs busy with their young son, Isaac, and he was going to take this opportunity to find the answer.

But how?

Keke had gone to the bathroom recently, but forgot to flush—as usual, according to Will. He took the chance to open one of Keke’s pregnancy tests, and he used the dropper to take a small sample of her urine from the toilet.

A little unorthodox, but creative regardless!

After applying the sample, Will then played the waiting game. If the test results showed two lines instead of one, Keke was indeed pregnant.

The suspense was real. Will added in a heartbeat effect as the test slowly revealed itself.

One line was revealed, and then finally…

Two lines. She was pregnant!

Will, although confident that his wife had a bun in the oven, was still shocked by it.

“I didn’t even think this through. I don’t even know how to tell her!” he told his viewers. But his plan had worked, and it was time to tell her the fantastic news.

He went downstairs to greet his wife, who was playing with their child.

“What are you doing with my camera?” she asked.

“I have a surprise,” Will said. “We can’t eat sushi for the next nine months,” Will said, hoping for his wife to catch on to how raw fish is not a recommended food for pregnant women.

But Keke still seemed more concerned with why he was recording her with the camera, rather than listening to the hints he was giving her. Will didn’t want to hold it in any longer, so he gave her the test.

She started to smile.

Keke was in disbelief, like any woman would if their husband was the one to tell them that they’re pregnant.

“You forgot to flush earlier, so I kind of snuck in afterward, took and sample, and voila!” he said.

Not the most romantic way to find out that you’re pregnant, but she was happy to hear the news nonetheless. She started to squeal with delight, and the whole family started to celebrate.

Their baby is now 6 months old.

This couple truly has an adorable family!

If they are planning to have a third child in the future, it will be interesting to see how they find out they’re pregnant the next time…

Watch the video below:

Credit: Epoch Times


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