Daughter starts falling off a bridge—dad’s reaction is instant


As children, we look up to our parents. Whenever your mom or dad did something amazing, it was as if they were super people. This time, we have proof that parents are in fact superheroes.

A family vacation in California turned into a rescue mission

Super dad and his family went to Yosemite National Park, California and decided to document their travels. The dad knelt down next to his daughter while mom took a picture and just as quick as a click of a button, the little girl started to slip backward.

Dad was posing for the picture, looking at the camera.

He reached out with just his left arm and caught the toddler—in the nick of time! All the while he was looking at the camera.

His swift action saved the little girl—she was completely unbothered.

“I got that on video!” his wife yelled from behind the camera.

The little girl ran to her mom giggling—as if nothing had happened.

“It was a scary moment, but as you can see we were able to laugh afterward,” the couple wrote about the video. “We are thankful for each other and our lack of injuries.”

Watch the super dad rescue here:

Credit: Epoch Times


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