A moment both funny and sad. New dad comforting his baby hilariously during first shots just hours after he lost his own dad


The hilarious way of a new dad comforting his new born son during his first shots in a paediatrician has recently gone viral but it is not entirely what it seemed.

Recently, Antwon Lee brought his baby, Debias King to a local paediatrician in Warrenton, Georgia for his checkup and to get mandatory immunisation shots for babies just hours after his father, Anthony Lee died due to complications from drinking.

In the heartwarming video, it looks like Antwon was telling himself to be strong too when he kept on whispering the words “Stay strong” to Debias before the shots.

It seems the new dad Antwon was the one who had cold feet before baby Debias received his shots as he started to give a long, non-stop prep talk to baby Debias that it was going to be fine.

When it was the time for baby Debias to receive his injections, Antwon held his son’s hands tight.

He kept giving his support to Debias and said “It’s okay to cry”. Antwon was also seen saying, “I feel your pain,”, “I know, I know.” Debias got his shots at his upper thighs and as soon as the shots were done, Antwon picked up Debias and soothed him.

“I felt his pain but at the same time, it was all about love,” he said. “I know he felt the love because his daddy was there.”

Antwon said Debias is a very gentle baby. He doesn’t cry often and loves to hear him talking.

“I really appreciate all the love everyone has shown with the video of Debias,” he wrote in his Facebook status later that day.

We all know how scary it feels to get a shot so when Antwon brought baby Debias, to get his shots, we can’t help to see how comforting and supporting he was to baby Debias although Antwon just lost his father a few hours before that.

Now, it will not be as scary as it is for Debias anymore as his dad will always be there to support him. We know for sure that Antwon is going to be a wonderful dad like his dad!

Watch how Antwon gives supports to and comforts baby Debias here.


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