Bride apologizes for 90s dresses in photos, but bridesmaid’s response will crack you up


In Oakland Park, Kan., Heidi Mann’s closet holds relics of past memories stuffed alongside her t-shirts and jeans. And it just so happens that these relics are incredibly stylish, ’90s-era dresses.

Ranging from her old prom dresses to at least nine bridesmaids dresses she’s amassed over the years, she just can’t seem to let the memories go. But it’s one bridesmaid dress in particular that’s recently piqued the interest of the Internet.

She kept this bridesmaid dress for 22 years.

Credit: ©Facebook | Tammi Kippes Sauer

For Tammi Sauer of Edmond, Okla., her 1995 wedding in Victoria, Kan. was memorable for the promise of eternal love, holy matrimony, and the sensational bridesmaids dresses. Back then, the bride thought the homemade, off-the-shoulder burgundy dresses with white lace trim at the top were absolutely beautiful.

“I remember eagerly telling my bridesmaids that they could just shorten their gowns and they’d have great little cocktail dresses,” Sauer told Today. “I don’t think anyone ever followed through on that suggestion.”

Sauer recently took to Facebook to apologize for the dresses.

Credit: ©Facebook | Tammi Kippes Sauer

Sauer celebrated her and her husband’s 22nd anniversary with a brief Facebook post and a side note for her bridesmaids: “My apologies for those dresses, ladies,” she wrote.

However, when Mann saw the post, she wasn’t having it.

“It’s her wedding, you know, I wanted her to be happy and she was happy,” she told Fox 4, “and we all looked awesome and I thought the dress was beautiful.”

Mann decided to show Sauer that she has a special use for her old, outdated bridesmaids dresses. Instead of frequenting cocktail parties in her burgundy gown, she’s “been known to randomly put one of [my former bridesmaid dresses] on, join whatever the family is doing and act like it’s completely normal to be wearing an off-the-shoulder evening gown,” she told Today.

At the very least, she’s sounds fun at parties.

She decided to show everyone that the dress still rocks.

Credit: ©Facebook | Tammi Kippes Sauer

“The thought of someone determined to get good use out of their bridesmaids dresses by wearing them for everyday activities made me laugh,” Mann told Today. “I knew it would make Tammi laugh, too, so I did it.”

As seen by her photoshoot, this bridesmaid dress isn’t made just for weddings — it’s also appropriate for a whole slew of daily activities.

1. Cozying up to a good kindle book.

Credit: ©Facebook | Tammi Kippes Sauer

2. Turning the walk to the laundry room into a runway.

Credit: ©Facebook | Tammi Kippes Sauer

3. Participating in home improvement projects.

Credit: ©Facebook | Tammi Kippes Sauer

4. Watering the lawn and garden.

Credit: ©Facebook | Tammi Kippes Sauer

None of it would’ve been possible without her entourage though, according to Mann. She told Today, “My son took the pictures, my daughter rolled her eyes at me, the neighbors stared, the dogs thought I had lost my legs, and my husband asked why I was wearing a lampshade, but everyone had a good laugh.”

Credit: NTD


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