This father took the same picture with his son every year for 26 years. The last picture will touch your heart


Many parents love to take pictures of their children especially on special days like birthdays and family day as to remind them the precious and beautiful moments. A father from south-eastern Guizhou Province in China is also not an exception. What is more interesting is he took the same picture of him and his son posing for the same style in black and white every year for 26 years!

When Tian Li was born, his father who was 27 years old at that time decided to capture the sweet moment by taking the first picture of them as father and son. Since then, they always took the same picture and you can see Tian Li’s grew throughout his different phases in his life – childhood, adolescent, and adulthood while his father loyally stood by his side. Be sure to scroll until the last picture because it will give you a major touching surprise.

#1 1986: Here in this photo, his father gave a proud smile as a new father to Tian Li

#2 1987: One-year-old baby Tian Li and his father smiled to the camera

#3 1988: Tian Li cutely pouted his lips 

#4 1989 “Let’s look manly and macho this time, dad.”

#5 1990 “I will always hold you dear to my heart.”

#6 1991 Don’t be shy to the camera, Tian Li!

#7 1992 After a fun day at the beach with dad

#8 1993: They were always shirtless when they took picture because Tian Li’s birthday is in summer. It was too hot so they didn’t wear shirts

#9 1994: It looks like Tian Li’s hair grew longer in this photo. He was 8 years old when they took this picture

#10 1995: Tian Li shares his thoughts about the photo when he was a child. He never though of them as special. “It has become a habit a long time ago that we took the same picture every when I visited my parents, as naturally as going home for Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner every year.”

#11 1996: Tian Li’s father was born in 1959

#12 1997: As he grows up, he sees the pictures as a performance art rather than a plain series of pictures

#13 1998 The father and son duo took their picture with the same white background

#14 1999: Tian Li has grown up into a young teenage boy while his father is seen to have gained weight!

#15 2000: This time, the father-son duo took picture together!

#16 2001: Tian Li first posted their photos on social network WeChat and millions have viewed their photos ever since!

#17 2002: He admitted that a bond between father and son is appealing to everyone

#18 2003: Tian Li said that his dad is a businessman. He ran businesses ranging from real estate to farming before he returned to his art school he previously taught at for years

#19 2004: Young adult Tian Li, 18 with his dad, 45

#20 2005: What a huge difference from the first time they took their picture!

#21 2006: Over the years, the son has grown taller than his dad

#22 2007: Tian Li went to Beijing when he was 18 to study at Beijing Film Academy. He then continue to live in Beijing to pursue his career as film director

#23 2008: Tian Li never forgets to go back home every summer to celebrate his birthday and to take their picture together

#24 2009: Tian Li managed to graduate with a degree in Film Directing. His dad was very proud of him!

#25 2010: Tian Li went to a graduate school to study more directing in 2010

#26 2012: A special guest for the picture

Tian Li said that they will keep taking pictures together every year and with his son, Timothy joining together, the pictures will surely be more precious!


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