Japanese woman recreates a food feast from Studio Ghibli animated films


Any fan of Studio Ghibli’s films will generally remember the films’ iconic food scenes that often draw attention from many due to the way the food is depicted and how the characters deliciously eat the food. Often the food looks so appealing and scrumptious it makes us wished to taste it. Well, a Japanese lady took a step ahead and recreated food from Studio Ghibli and the result could not be better!

The Japanese lady recreated the food from scratch and posted the photos on her Instagram, en93kitchen. The food looks so much like in the films and it looks delicious too!

Here are some of her awesome works.

#1 Bacons and sunny-side up eggs from Howl’s Moving Castle

#2 Lunch box from My Neighbour Totoro

#3 Pie from Kiki’s Delivery Service

#4 Lunch box from Your Name

#5 Baguette and cheese from Howl’s Moving Castle

#6 Cookies from Kiki’s Delivery Service

#7 Dinner from Porco Rosso

#8 Tea and cake from The Wind Rises

#9 Breakfast from When Marnie Was There

#10 Eggs and Salami from Up On Poppy Hill

#11 Tarts from When Marnie Was There

#12 Sandwiches from Tales From Earthsea

Look at how similar en93kitchen recreated the food scene from the animated films. There must be a lot of efforts went through by seeing from the details of the photos. We are sure that the food taste as good as it looks!

Photo credit: en93kitchen


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