Boyfriend goes for amazing makeover, leaving girlfriend stunned—but this is not the end of it


The phrase “opposites attract” may come to mind upon seeing this couple. Whilst they’ve gotten used to each other’s looks, this girl wanted her boyfriend to spruce himself up a little bit more, and to that, he gave her the surprise of her life.

On the Rachael Ray talk show, Brandon Vande Pol, who’s seen sporting longer hair than his girlfriend, Claribel Vizcarra, finally agreed that it was time for a trim.

Before facing the scissors, show host Rachael Ray asked Brandon if he gets self-conscious when they go out together and when people start comparing their looks.

This is because whilst Claribel enjoys dressing up glamorously, Brandon takes a more low-key approach to his outward appearance.

To that, Brandon responded, “Sometimes I do get that, but then it just kinda goes quick because it’s like a compliment to me because she’s so beautiful and I’m lucky to have a girl like her.”

Although Brandon’s humility impressed Rachael and Gretta, he was still destined for the clippers that day.

“I just want to warn you all that your jaws are gonna drop,” said makeover artist Gretta Monahan. “I have something in store for him that you’re not going to believe!”

Claribel, fighting back tears, was hands over mouth in complete astonishment.

When the brand-new Brandon came out, the crowd started cheering and applauding, for the transformed Brandon was looking great—clean cut with a great hairstyle, not to mention the dapper suit.

As the couple stood next to one another, one’s got to agree they both looked the part!

But little did Claribel realize that her Prince Charming had another surprise up his sleeve.

Just when Rachael asked Brandon if he had anything to say, he said—“I do.”

Then the guitar starts playing something of a romantic rhythm, and Brandon goes down on one knee. The crowd starts screaming again.

They know what’s coming.

Seemingly a little nervous, Brandon holds onto Claribel’s hand and says: “I love you, and you’ve been my best friend for a long time. And we’ve always been together, and we’ve been through a lot. I’m never going to forget that, okay? I would be honored if you’d be my wife.”

Claribel nods her head, and a beautiful diamond ring gets fitted.

Then Rachael confirms, “We didn’t hear you, did you say yes?”

“Yes!” Claribel affirms, grinning, and obviously still digesting the remarkable moment.

Congratulations to this beautiful couple!

We’re sure Claribel is over the moon with her two amazing surprises.

See Brandon become Claribel’s real-life Prince Charming here:

Credit: NTD


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