Female cat is furious at her boyfriend but his respond makes her falls in love with him again


A Japanese cat cafe, Cat Café Nekorobi posted a series of photos of an adorable cat couple which has left the public in awe of the affection shown from the male cat to his partner. The cat cafe owner posted these loving and yet hilarious photos of one cat couple on their Twitter account, @catcafenekorobi.

In the first photo, the male cat is seen to seek a chance to snuggle up next to his girlfriend.

He lies his head softly on his girlfriend’s furry neck.

However, his attempt to have a romantic snuggle with his girlfriend is not welcomed well by her. Apparently, something is bothering her and she is not in her best mood to be with her cat boyfriend.

He must have done something wrong that makes his girlfriend furious at him.

Look at how she angry she is when she bites his face!

The male cat is probably letting his girlfriend to let out her anger and relieve her stress.

He is such an understanding boyfriend.

The male cat then makes his move; giving his cat girlfriend a big hug and the female cat suddenly became gentle.

This male cat definitely knows how to calm her down.

This cat couple certainly has taught us how we should be tolerable and understanding towards each other when we have a misunderstanding. Look at how this male cat taught us to respond anger with love and tolerance. To quote an American author, Zig Ziglar: “It’s not the situation, but whether we react negative or respond positive to the situation that is important.”

After seeing the male cat’s ways to calm his angry girlfriend, the netizens have come up with 5 relationship rules that all men should follow when they are with their girlfriend. According to netizens, these rules are useful to keep your relationship smooth-sailing. Below is the rules the netizens suggest to all men out there;

#1 The talking rules

  • Don’t choose controversial topic
  • Don’t just sit in silence or not talk at all
  • When your girlfriend has finished talking about something, ask her what happens next

#2 The loyalty rules

  • Believe in yourself that both of you can change for better
  • If it is not possible, stay loyal to her
  • Change your way of thinking and think positively about your relationship

#3 Avoid misunderstanding

  • Don’t ask about it when you don’t bother to know the details
  • Don’t ask your girlfriend about something that she is reluctant to share with you
  • You can still ask about it but don’t bother to remember her reply

#4 The eye rules

  • Don’t look at other women when you are with your girlfriend
  • If you couldn’t resist it, don’t get caught by girlfriend
  • If you get caught by your girlfriend, change your focus and ask her, “You are definitely prettier than her.”

#5 When you go for a shopping

  • Just follow her around and don’t complain anything about it
  • But don’t forget to remind her when she lost track of time
  • When she doesn’t want to buy anything but insisted to stay at the same shop, get her out of the shop

Of course, these rules are not a complete guidance to all couples out there. A healthy relationship requires both parties to respect, love and accept each other through highs and lows. Although, it may be a good tip for men to respond in a gentle and loving way to their girlfriend when she is having a rough day or just not in her mood. Give and take is one of many ways to keep your relationship strong and happy, just like the gentle male cat.


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