2 college roommates give dorm room the ultimate makeover and is just jaw dropping


This is every college freshman’s dream dorm. Two roommates at Texas State University made the ultimate makeover, turning their room into a cozy, chic space that looks like it came straight out of a furniture catalog.

The transformation was drastic. Originally, the room looked like this:

But after 10 hours of hard work, the duo succeeded in beautifying their drab environs.

Meet the two roommates: Skylar Bantz (right) and Adeline Vela (center).

Somehow Skylar’s and my dorm ended up on the Daily Mail Snapchat lol

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Bantz’s mother, Sheila Robertson Ybarra, helped design the transformation and posted before-and-after photos onto Facebook. The post has since earned many likes and comments, as well as media coverage.

First, the hard part is the shopping. Bantz even made a video about her purchases.

Move-in day commences.

Every college student has been through the struggle of moving all of one’s belongings into a tiny space.

The team stuck on peel-and-stick wallpaper with an exposed brick design, strung up warm lights, and decorated their shelves.

Here’s the before and after for comparison:

They also installed loft beds, which gave the duo extra space for a T.V., mini-fridge, coffee machine, and plenty of drawers:

The finishing touches are the most important. The carpet, curtains, and bedding complement the rest of the decor to give the impression of an airy, spacious room.

People have praised the incredible makeover, with some encouraging Ybarra to start her own television show and inquiring about where to purchase the dorm room decor.

Photo credit: ©Facebook | Sheila Robertson Ybarra

Credit: NTD



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