Viral video of a first-time father comforting his son will take you on an emotional roller coaster


On October 26, Antwon Lee had a rough day, and he wanted to make sure that his two-month-old son didn’t experience the same amount of pain, albeit from a different source.

The same day that Lee’s father, Anthony Lee, passed away from alcohol-related complications, Antwon had to stay strong for his son who was set to receive his immunization shots.

No one is a fan of getting a shot, so Antwon made sure to tell his son, Debias, to “stay strong.”

In the video, which has gone viral with over 14 million views in just a few short days, Antwon assures his firstborn that everything is going to be ok, but if he needs too he can cry.

Antwon admits that at first he was scared because he knew what was going to happen to his son, and he was sure that Debias would not be happy about it.

“I had to figure out a way to comfort him, and the day before, I talked to him and said if he needed to cry, go ahead and cry,” Antwon told PEOPLE. “That morning when we got there, and I let him know again it was okay to cry.”

The entire time Antwon kept telling his son to keep his eyes on him.

Once the vaccinations were done Antwon picked up his son and after holding Debias and telling him “They did you wrong!” the two-month-old calmed down.

The first-time father said his experiences that day helped him realize what his role as a father was.

“That night I [spoke] to my son—he’s only two months–and I let him know: ‘Son, I want to see you succeed before I die,’” Antwon told ABC News. “I’ve got to see you succeed.”

Antwon is going to be a great father to his son.

The video is like a roller coaster for your emotions. Do you cry because of their father–son bond? Or do you laugh because of Antwon’s dramatics?

Credit: Epoch Times


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