A group of children walked into a police station to file a report because they found a coin on the street. What the police did next earned praises from the netizens!


What would you do if you found money on a street? Some of people would just pick it up and spend it. But in Kaohsiung, a four-year-old boy decided to take a NT$ 50 coin (approximately $1.66 USD) that he found to the police station.

Feeling worried that the police might mistaken him for a thief, he decided to take his elder brothers and sisters aged 5 to 6 to accompany him and their serious attitude looks super cute!

Nanzi, the 4-year-old boy from Kaohsiung, Taiwan did not keep and spend the NT$ 50 coin that he found. Instead, he sent it to the police station. The problem was he did not dare to go the police station alone and later decided to call his elder brothers and sisters to accompany him. The 4 of them walked into the police station boldly.

Nanzi with his siblings filing a police report.

The police were surprised to see a group of children walking into their station and carefully broke their defensive barrier and found out they wanted to make a police report about the NT$ 50 coin that Nanzi found!

Although it was a small amount of money, the police did not want to disappoint the good intention of these children and spent 15 minutes jotting down details from the children.

After the report was filed by the police in charge, the four year old boy confessed that he was afraid that he might be mistaken for a thief so he called his brothers and sisters to accompany him and luckily everything went smoothly.

This was also their first experience to make a police report!

Nanzi was not just accompanied by his siblings. His parents also came to the police station to help Nanzi make a report.

They posted on Facebook stating they were residents from Nanzi and encouraged his child to make a police report as they wanted to instill this good habit for not using money that does not belong to them.

They thanked the police for cooperating with them as well!

A group of children wanted to report about the money they found and walked straight into the police station may seem very unusual but their parents have surely taught them well. It is very important to instill this good habit in them before they grow up!


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