Cat always sneaks out for secret walk. Then one day owner finds mysterious note on its collar


Cat owners are aware that their feline pets often leave the house on their own to go wherever they please, a secret life most owners are not privy to! But luckily, for Nala’s owner, this question was answered one day when the cat came home with a note in her collar.

Nala is a regular neighborhood cat who likes to wander around the neighborhood as she pleases. However, her owner, an Imgur user with the name SliceofToast, is not worried about her, as she lives in a safe neighborhood.

The kitty’s hectic daily schedule is going out in the morning and coming home during the night to eat and sleep!

Credit: Imgur | SliceofToast

One evening, she came home and surprised him with a curious thing attached to her collar.

“Nala ventures in to the outside a lot. Luckily our neighbourhood is nice, so it’s not a problem, but I was surprised when she had this on her collar,” he wrote.

When he removed the note, the words “Please Read” written on it caught his eye. He was reluctant to open it as it might answer his suspicions on where and what his cat does with a list of all the naughty things she did.

But upon opening it, the note only said, “Your cat visits us 2-3 times a day. We would love to know her name and where she lives in case of injury. We live at…”

“I thought it was really nice that our neighbors were concerned for her! Address blocked out for privacy reasons,” her owner wrote.

“And here’s the little culprit! I’ll be sure to send another note back!”

Nala’s owner was relieved to find out that his cat was not causing trouble to the neighbors and that she’d found a second home. Even if she is microchipped, it was good to know that another home looks after her too.

He plans to be in contact with the cat’s “second home” soon enough.



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