A short story that accurately describes our life; I’ve read it more than 10 times (worth saving for reference)


This is a story about God, carabao, monkey, dog and human.

When God created carabao, he told carabao: “You can live for 60 years but you must work hard for humans for your entire life.”

The carabao requested God to reduce 30 years of his lifespan, so he can only live for 30 years.

The second creation was monkey. God told monkey: “You can live for 30 years but you must entertain humans for your entire life.”

The monkey then decided to forgo his life by 15 years.

Thirdly, God created dog and told him: “You can live for 30 years but throughout your life you must protect human’s property.”

The dog decided to forgo 15 years of his life.

Fourthly, God created human and told him: “Your job is to enjoy life. For this kind of life, your lifespan would be 25 years.”

But human is not happy to only live for 25 years, so he pleaded: “Please give me the lifespan that was forgone by carabao 30 years, dog 15 years and monkey 15 years. By adding them up 25+30+15+15=85. I would like to have a total of 85 years lifespan.”

At the end, this is the life for human:

His first 25 years of age, he is living a happy and worriless life, enjoying all he can.

25 – 55 years of age, living the life of a carabao, suffering and toiling at work in order to feed his family.

56 – 70 years of age, living the life of a monkey, after retiring from his work he would be like a monkey at home entertaining his grandchildren and teasing them to make them happy.

71 – 85 years of age, living the life of a dog. He is unable to work hard and finds it difficult to walk long distance, all he can do is sit at home like a dog looking after his house!

Life of a human is very short. We were born accompanied by happiness and laughter of our parents but one day may pass away accompanied by sadness and tears. In a way, aren’t our lives similar to the life of animals? Please share this short story with your friends if you like it.


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